UNHCR’s Division of Emergency, Security and Supply (DESS) comprises the Procurement Service (PS), and the Supply Management and Logistics Service (SMLS). These are responsible for global supply chain management, operational support, planning and reporting on the use of resources. This includes the procurement of goods and services to support field operations and headquarter provision of logistical support to field operations, warehouse, stockpile, and fleet and asset management. The department oversees all supply aspects of the enterprise resource planning system and supports roll-out to the field. It also provides functional (supply chain management) training and support.

For more information, you can contact us at UNHCR Global Service Centre, Népfürdő utca 22. Budapest, Hungary, 1138, Tel: +36 1 450 51 88, Fax: +36 1 450 52 97. Mailing address: Ipoly Utca 5\b, c, d, 1133 Budapest, Hungary.  Mailing address: Ipoly Utca 5\b, c, d, 1133 Budapest, Hungary.

A Guide to Doing Business

The definitive guide for businesses wanting to partner with the UN refugee agency. Revised 2015 edition.

Administration Supply and Transport

UN Business Guidelines

Guidelines on Cooperation between the United Nations and the Business Sector.

Administration Supply and Transport

UN Supplier Code of Conduct

Published September 2013.

Administration Supply and Transport

Introduction to UNHCR Procurement (2015)

Administration Supply and Transport

Warning - Confidence Schemes and Scams - Procurement Matters.

Information for suppliers regarding fraudulent schemes and scams using UNHCR's name.
Administration Supply and Transport

Procurement Protest

UNHCR takes all complaints extremely seriously and has installed an appeals process.

Contract Awards

UNHCR decisions to award specific suppliers with a contract worth US$150,000 or more.