Special Features

Bangladesh. Rebuilding girls' lives through education

Her Turn: It's time to make refugee girls' education a priority

A new report from UNHCR reveals that refugee girls at secondary level are only half as likely to enrol in school as their male peers.

Christophe and Armand host Louis, a refugee from Mali, in their one bedroom apartment in Paris.

No Stranger Place

This series, developed with photographer Aubrey Wade, showcases Europeans who have welcomed refugees into their homes.

Uganda. South Sudanese Refugees

People with Disabilities

People with disabilities can be even more at risk when they flee their homes



Germany. The Making of the Dream Diaries

Dream Diaries

New UNHCR project visualizes the dreams of children who have fled their homes and found a new life in Europe.​




Left Behind: Refugee Education in Crisis

This multimedia report reveals the widening opportunity gap facing millions of refugee children and adolescents.

Canada. Then and Now

Then and Now

These eight stories profile refugees who have made a fresh start in Canada over the years, finding safety and giving back.

Canada. From far and wide.

From Far and Wide

Across Canada, longtime residents are creating powerful friendships with Syrian refugees, transcending language and culture.

Brazil. Team Refugees take part in Olympics opening ceremony

Rio 2016: Refugee Olympic Team

The first-ever Refugee Olympic Team competed at the 2016 Summer Games, illustrating the courage and perseverance of all refugees.