Searching for a Safe Place to Be Gay

After fleeing violence and harassment at home, LGBTI refugees get a fresh start in California with help from caring citizens and Bay Area non-profits.

United States of America
A Syrian Scientist in Exile

Darie Alikaj fled barrel bombs and mortar fire in Syria, leaving behind her job as a microbiologist. Now she mirrors a wider world of refugee survival in Turkey.

You’ve Got a Friend in Me

A project in Germany teams up new arrivals with local volunteers, helping refugees to find their feet and start anew.

Step by Step

After surviving life-threatening spinal injuries in war-torn Syria, Wisam is taking the long road to recovery one step at a time.

Syria Jordan
Running from Rape in Burundi

Women and men fleeing Burundi are reaching Tanzania with harrowing tales of sexual violence.

Burundi Tanzania
A Touch of Magic

Card tricks are more than a hobby for this young Syrian, whose sleight-of-hand has impressed both Hungarians and refugees.

Burundi Refugees Tell of New Horrors

A year after political protests erupted in Burundi, those who ran for their lives to neighbouring Tanzania bear tales of mass murder, torture and imprisonment.

Burundi Tanzania
Bearing the Olympic Torch

The war in Syria put Ibrahim’s athletic career on hold. Now in Greece, he’s about to represent refugees in the Olympic torch relay.

Too Young to Be a Bride

After her best friend was married off at age 13, Omaima began campaigning against early marriage among Syrian refugees at Za’atari camp.

An Olympic Dream, Shattered

The life of Somali sprinter Samia Yusuf Omar came to a tragic end on the perilous Mediterranean sea crossing from Libya to Europe.

A Shopkeeper and a Lifeline

Many Syrian refugees in Lebanon are deep in debt. Meet a shop owner who goes out of his way to help with the essentials.

The Kindness of Strangers

Mohammad and Sahar found a second chance for their young family – thanks to five Canadian couples who have sponsored their resettlement to British Columbia.

Syria Canada
A Syrian Family Starts Over In Canada

With a job, private sponsorship and the backing of the Canadian Government, a refugee from Aleppo gets a fresh start in Montreal.

Syria Canada
A Dream to Rebuild

As war destroyed lives and buildings in Syria, Alaa had to interrupt her architecture studies. Now a scholarship is helping her finish her degree in Portugal.

Syria Portugal
The Syrians Starting Over in Brazil

Hanan’s family fled Syria to escape the war. Across the ocean in São Paulo, they have once again found happiness and hope.

Syria Brazil
The Ragdolls and the Clay Oven

Sisters Shamsa and Thuha miss playing with their cousins in Syria, so their mother has found a creative way to keep the young refugees entertained.

Syrian Refugee Eyes Rio Olympics

Yusra has dreamt of the Olympics for years. Now a refugee in Germany, she hopes to qualify to compete at the Games in Brazil.

Syria Germany
The Women and Children Turning To Europe

Women and children now make up nearly 60 per cent of sea arrivals. Meet Nisrine, a 34-year-old Syrian refugee and widow travelling with her five children.

Lost and Found

The Al-Hayek family fled their Syrian home to escape war. In Europe, they have found both hope and heartbreak.

Syria Greece
Empowering Women Refugees

To mark International Women’s Day, UNHCR pays tribute to the strength and resilience of displaced women around the world.

Escaping the Horrors of Home

Meet some of the thousands who have fled fighting in previously peaceful provinces in South Sudan, where militia are accused of killing, raping and looting.

South Sudan
Refugees at Border Bottleneck

Thousands of men, women and children, mainly fleeing danger in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, run into barriers.

Separated by the Sea

Hundreds, if not thousands, of refugee families in South-East Asia were separated by perilous sea journeys in 2015. Meet four of them.

Malaysia Indonesia
A Very Old Man in Za’atari

After living in Syria for more than a century, Yousef had to be convinced to flee the fighting and seek safety in Jordan.