Protection Information Management Training

In 2015, the Danish Refugee Council (DRC), with support from the Global Protection Cluster (GPC), the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), and the European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO) Department, took the initiative to develop a protection information management (PIM) training to improve the ability of field protection clusters to develop more informed protection strategies.

The objective of the GPC PIM training project was to improve the ability of protection clusters to develop a more informed protection response anchored in an overall protection analysis. To obtain this overall objective, the PIM training team identified three key learning objectives:

  • Demonstrate how PIM supports, informs, and enables the development of an evidence-informed protection analysis, strategy, and response;
  • Develop PIM knowledge, skills, and attitudes that facilitate dialogue and collaboration;
  • Develop PIM knowledge and skills to create a PIM plan that informs a protection analysis, strategy, and response.

This initiative aimed to build the attitudes, knowledge, and skills of protection cluster actors (including, but not limited to, protection cluster coordinators, protection cluster IM counterparts, protection cluster NGO co-leads, sub-cluster coordinators, and active members of the protection cluster) to implement principled, systematized, and collaborative processes to collect, process, analyse, store, share, and use data and information to enable evidence-informed action for quality protection outcomes.

Over the course of the project a GPC PIM training package was developed and currently includes:

  1. PIM Training Champions Workbook
  2. PIM Training PowerPoint Slides
  3. PIM Training Facilitator's Guide
  4. PIM Training Facilitator's Guide Annex

GPC and DRC would like to thank for all the contributions made by many protection and information management colleagues in development of these materials. The materials are a collective effort to strengthen the dialogue between protection and information management colleagues to enable evidence-informed action for quality protection outcomes.

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