Meetings and Events

The Global Protection Cluster (GPC) organises regular meetings where all participants to the GPC have an opportunity to meet and discuss pertinent issues. These meetings relate to the inner functioning of the GPC as well as implementation of the GPC 2016 – 2019 Strategic Framework which focuses on increased support to the field and global engagement on protection issues. In addition, the GPC holds GPC Retreats and regularly convenes GPC Coordination Meetings focused on field operations.

Global Protection Cluster Retreats

A Global Protection Cluster Retreat is convened annually by the Global Cluster Coordinator and is a forum for all the participants of the GPC to meet in person and have a constructive dialogue on the activities and strategic direction of the cluster.

It is also a forum to disseminate guidance and tools and a platform  for the GPC to ensure its activities and approach remain oriented in support to the evolving needs of field protection clusters. Finally, the Retreat enables the broad range of GPC participants to discuss and to develop a common understanding of contemporary and emerging protection challenges as well as of the work activities to be undertaken at the field and global levels.

Global Protection Cluster Coordination Meetings 

Since its inception, the Global Protection Cluster has organised regular Coordination meetings open to all participants of the GPC at the global and field levels. The meetings are organized on a needs-basis for new emergencies and at the request of field protection clusters in protracted situations. 

The GPC Coordination meetings are organised after a dialogue between the GPC Coordinator and the concerned field protection cluster coordinator has taken place and the most pertinent issues have been identified to be discussed during the GPC Coordination meeting with a broader audience of GPC participants. The GPC Support Cell contacts all GPC participants in advance inviting them to the Coordination meeting with the designated field protection cluster coordinator and provides all the necessary background information thus ensuring effective and productive deliberations at the meeting.

Below you will find information regarding the GPC coordination meetings held 2012. Field protection cluster coordinators and participants interested in organizing a coordination meeting are encouraged to contact the GPC Operations Cell.

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