Mine Action

Mine Action activities in emergencies makes it possible for affected populations to live their daily lives and move without the fear, for humanitarian agencies to deliver assistance, and for peacekeepers to carry out patrols. It is imperative that mine action is fully integrated in the overall humanitarian response.

The Mine Action Area of Responsibility (MA AOR) to the Global Protection Cluster brings together NGOs, UN Agencies, the ICRC, and academic institutions at the global level (MA AOR Participants). Membership is open to any organisation active in the field of humanitarian mine action wishing to contribute at the global level.

The MA AOR’s objective is to ensure more predictable, accountable and effective mine action responses in emergencies, including by supporting field based Mine Action activities and Mine Action coordination mechanisms. 

UNMAS is the global lead on Mine Action and chairs the Area of Responsibility.  As the global lead UNMAS is also the “provider of last resort”. The provider of last resort is responsible for ensuring the provision of services required to fill critical gaps identified by the cluster as according to Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) Operational Guidance Note on the Concept of ‘Provider of Last Resort’, June 2008. 

Landmines and explosive remnants of war kill or injure thousands of individuals every year. In addition to the human toll they:

  • Block the delivery of humanitarian relief.
  • Block safe deployment of peacekeepers
  • Close roads, prevent children from going to school, and stop farmers from working the land.
  • Hamper economic and social development.
  • Rob people of their livelihoods.
  • Hinder reconstruction after war.

Mine action makes it possible for humanitarian agencies to deliver assistance, for peacekeepers to carry out patrols, and for ordinary citizens to live without the fear that a single misstep could cost them their lives.

The problem of landmines and explosive remnants of war, including cluster bombs, can be solved within our lifetime if everyone does their part.

The objective of mine action is to identify and reduce the impact and risk of landmines and explosive remnants of warto a level where people can live safely.

Mine action entails more than removing landmines from the ground. It includes high impact efforts aimed at protecting people from danger, helping victims become self-sufficient and active members of their communities and providing opportunities for sustainable development and stability.

As part of the overall GPC Help Desk initiative, the Mine Action AoR facilitates a Mine Action Help Desk function through which you can directly send a request for technical support on Mine Action – related topics. Read more.

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