Who We Are

The Global Protection Cluster coordinates and provides global level inter-agency policy advice and guidance on the implementation of the cluster approach to Protection Clusters in the field, supports protection responses in non-refugee situation humanitarian action as well as leads standard and policy setting relating to protection in complex and natural disaster humanitarian emergencies, in particular with regard to the protection of internally displaced persons.

Our Vision

All people affected or threatened by a humanitarian crisis have their rights fully respected in accordance with international law and their protection assured by relevant and timely actions through all phases of the crisis and beyond.

Our Mission

Within the overall humanitarian response architecture, the GPC works to improve the predictability, leadership, effectiveness and accountability of response to ensure that protection is central to humanitarian action. The protection of the rights of people in conflict and disaster settings requires a broad range of action by a wide variety of duty-bearers, so the GPC also acts as a bridge between humanitarians and others, including development, political, peace-keeping and other relevant actors.


UNHCR is the Global Cluster Lead Agency for Protection. In this capacity UNHCR has the responsibility to lead and coordinate other United Nations agencies, inter-governmental organisations and Non-governmental organisations participating in the GPC.

In light of their thematic expertise, other agencies have been designated as focal point agencies for specific Areas of Responsibilities (AORs) within the GPC:

GPC Coordination Team

Name Organization  
Simon Russell Global Protection Cluster Coordinator (UNHCR)  
Michael Copland Child Protection AoR Coordinator (UNICEF)  
Petra Heusser Child Protection AoR Deputy Coordinator (UNICEF)  
Jennifer Chase GBV AoR Coordinator (UNFPA)  
Christelle Loupforest MA AoR Coordinator (UNMAS)  
Dalia Aranki HLP AoR Coordinator (NRC)  


Task Teams

The GPC’s Task Team’s are established to guide activities of the GPC Work-Plan and effectively implement them. They are led by participants of the GPC and are time-bound.

TT on Protection Mainstreaming David Murphy (OCHA)
Gergey Pasztor (IRC))
Marie_Emilie Dozin (IRC)
TT on Law and Policy Anais Pagot (UNHCR)
Martina Caterina (Mandate of the Special Rapporteur on Human Rights of IDPs)
TT on Donor Dialogue Annika Sandlund (UNHCR)
Ramon Broers (InterAction)
TT on Learning Caterina Luciani (UNHCR) Download
TT on Anti-Trafficking in Humanitarian Action Christy Fujio (Heartland Alliance)
Michela Macchiavello (IOM)
Sarah Elliott (UNHCR)
TT on Protection Information Management Analysis Katherine Starup (DRC)
Musa Al-Asad (GPC)
TT on Cash for Protection Rachel Hastie (Oxfam)
Tenzin Manell (Women’s Refugee Commission)


GPC Operations Cell

The GPC has established an Operations Cell with staff from UNHCR, the Danish Refugee Council, ProCap and CashCap to deliver on the objectives of the 2016-2019 Strategic Framework. The Operations Cell was formerly known as the Support Cell and the change in its name reflects the emphasis on its engagement with the field. The Operations Cell supports field clusters in their responsibility to craft an appropriate response and provides critical support to the Global Cluster Coordinator by monitoring the GPC’s Work-Plan, influencing planning and resource mobilization.



GPC Help Desk

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