WASH KAP Survey Modules

Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) interventions are critical to reducing morbidity and mortality during humanitarian emergencies and in protracted emergencies in refugee settings. The ability to monitor and evaluate these interventions is essential to achieve an effective WASH response.


KAP Surveys are widely used to inform WASH programme design and monitor WASH household indicators. However, there is no clear standardized survey methodology (sampling, analysis…), and the sets of questions used are very different from one survey to the other, therefore data is often of questionable quality and comparison of results over space and time is impossible. Moreover, the delay in analysis and dissemination of findings from these surveys often results in limited use for program planning and evaluation of interventions.


The idea for the modules you find below originated from a demand for a common WASH-focused survey tool and methodology for use among displaced populations. This would allow for uniform data collection, analysis, and reporting, and therefore, the ability to compare WASH-related information across different population groups and time periods.


The Standard KAP Survey modules may be used and adapted in all refugee situations, but is most suited to camps and settlements.


WASH KAP Survey Module 0: General
WASH KAP Survey Module 1 - Preparation
WASH KAP Survey Module 2: Training
WASH KAP Survey Module 3: Piloting
WASH KAP Survey Module 5: Analysis