South Sudan emergency

Since December 2013, brutal conflict in South Sudan has claimed thousands of lives and driven nearly four million people from their homes.

While many remain displaced inside the country, more than two million have fled to neighbouring countries in a desperate bid to reach safety.


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refugees and asylum-seekers from South Sudan

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Updated 1 October 2017

The situation in South Sudan and neighbouring countries has quickly escalated into a full-blown humanitarian emergency. Although we are doing all we can to provide relief and life-saving shelter with limited resources, displacement in the region is expected to rise until a political solution is found.

"I need blankets. It is cold at night and I don't want my children to get sick."

Rebecca Barnaba, 23, mother at Doro camp

The majority of the refugees are women and children, many of whom flee across the border alone. Often, they arrive weak and malnourished. When the rainy season comes, their needs are compounded by flooding, food shortages and disease.

Inside South Sudan, nearly two million people are displaced internally, while outside the country there are now two million South Sudanese refugees, mainly in Ethiopia, Sudan, and Uganda. Many fear imminent attack or struggle with food insecurity. Uganda currently hosts the most South Sudanese refugees, having taken in more than one million.

“This conflict must end, and the world must rally to support the millions forced to flee their homes in South Sudan.”

Arnauld Akodjenou, Regional Refugee Coordinator and Special Advisor on the South Sudan Situation

As instability and violence in South Sudan continue, those who have fled urgently need protection, shelter and medical care. UNHCR is striving to restore hope to thousands who have been uprooted. However, without further funding and support, we will struggle to provide even the most basic assistance. UNHCR is calling on donors to provide US$883.5 million for South Sudan refugee operations, of which 29 per cent has been funded (as of 3 October 2017).

“The scale of displacement in and from the country is simply unbelievable," said Arnauld Akodjenou, Regional Refugee Coordinator and Special Advisor on the South Sudan Situation. "I am astounded at the resilience of the millions of South Sudanese refugees and those who are internally displaced. But after so many years, the people of South Sudan are crying that enough is enough. The conflict must end, the humanitarian response must be ramped up, and we all have a responsibility to do everything we can to support the South Sudanese children, women and men who have been forced to flee from their homes.”

Conflict has left millions in need of assistance