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    be smart and stand strong. Even if u have to the . Keep safe from Muslim immigrants. God bless 🇵🇱

  2. Aug 27

    Lovely people these islamists. I am retweeting this because no one else did. Their website says they get money. Sweet.

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    Every nation in dark green is in favour of a federal EU... So even when the light green nations exit, the EU won't be dead.

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    , ´s Counterterrorism Coordinator: "More than 50,000 are now living in ." / Nothing to add

  5. Aug 31

    These idiotic don't even realise the is still 'part and parcel' of the and will remain so no matter what!

  6. Aug 29

    Another embarrassing mission. like . No interest in special deal with UK. deal matters more.

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    The Case Muslim Was , decades in advance The , is prepared to wait Time is ticking...

  10. Aug 30

    Poland news: Angela Merkel blasts rule of law reform amid European Union row. German totalitarianism.

  11. Aug 27
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    Annihilator Frontman Jeff Waters Talks Line 6 Helix Guitar | |

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  19. & agree to strengthen cooperation between security & intelligence agencies to combat threat of .

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