It's #TeamRefugees Olympian Rami Anis! He was in Belgium to meet street artists working with the United Nations Regional Information Centre- UNRIC to unveil these powerful murals ahead of the UN Summit on Refugees and Migrants.

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"I believe all refugees deserve the right to protection and to live in safety."

- Refugee Olympic Team hero Yiech Pur Biel speaks from the historic United Nations General Assembly podium at a UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency #WithRefugees event. Watch it here.

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UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency était en direct.

LIVE NOW: An historic moment at the United Nations as we deliver your 1.3 million signatures, to tell world leaders: "We stand #WithRefugees

"The best word to describe me is 'athlete.' Becoming a refugee and getting injured was out of my hands, but becoming an athlete was my choice."

Congrats to Ibrahim on today's race - a personal best!

"What kept me motivated throughout this week was delivering a message to all refugees in the world. Having represented the refugees of the world and having the word 'refugees' circulating throughout the media is the most important thing that I leave behind."


Ibrahim exhibits the true spirit of the Paralympic Games. Motivated + determined. And he has a final message to the world:

"The most important thing is to end the bloodshed in Syria. Please stop the war over there."


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“To compete in the Paralympics was a very beautiful feeling. I consider sport to be the very basic and important component in my life, much more important than food. Sport is my life.”

Ibrahim has just completed his first race at the Paralympic Games in Rio 2016. We’re so inspired.

“I would like to tell to all refugees from all countries in the world that we have very strong and capable sportsmen and sportswomen among us and not only in swimming, but in other sports as well....

Ibrahim was not thrilled with his performance but he has another heat tomorrow.

“Today I was not able to score a very good time. Hopefully tomorrow I will make a better record. I would like to remember that I only came back to sports one year and a half ago. I am full of hope that in the upcoming years I will perform even better.”

Please show your support for Ibrahim and #TeamRefugees!

“I am still feeling that I am in a daze. My dream has come through after 22 years here in Brazil.”

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