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Give refugee children a chance to learn

Only half of all children forced to flee their homes have access to any primary education, and many of them miss out on years of schooling.


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could provide educational textbooks in different subjects.


could provide a school uniform and shoes for a child.


could provide desk space for two children in school.

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Displaced Syrian swimmer makes a splash at 2016 Paralympic Games

While Ibrahim Al-Hussein did not make it through to the final of the 100 metre freestyle, competing at the 2016 Paralympic Games was a "dream come true."

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Gang threat drives growing displacement inside Honduras

In the decade to 2014, an estimated 174,000 Hondurans became displaced within their country by street gang violence and many continue to need protection.

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UNHCR needs more support to aid Boko Haram displaced - Bono

The U2 leader singer and co-founder of The ONE Campaign warns thousands of children are facing hunger as UN agencies confront funding shortfalls.

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Japanese vision team brings Azeri lives into focus

Team of optometrists led by former Nansen Refugee Award winner Akio Kanai gives the gift of sight back to thousands of displaced Azeris.

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Beyond Detention

A Global Strategy to support governments to end the detention of asylum-seekers and refugees

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