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Voluntary Repatriation

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Going Back Home

For millions of refugees around the world, going home remains the strongest hope of finding an end to exile. As the durable solution of choice for the largest number of refugees, voluntary repatriation in safety and dignity requires the full commitment of the country of origin to help reintegrate its own people. It also needs the continuing support of the international community through the crucial post-conflict phase to ensure that those who make the brave decision to go home can rebuild their lives in a stable environment.

UNHCR's priorities when it comes to return are to promote enabling conditions for voluntary repatriation; to ensure the exercise of a free and informed choice; and to mobilize support for returnees. In practice, UNHCR promotes and facilitates voluntary repatriation through various means, including organizing "go-and-see" visits for refugees; compiling updated information on their country and region of origin; engaging in peace and reconciliation activities; promoting housing and property restitution; and providing return assistance and legal aid to returnees.